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How to buy Bitcoin in Cambodia using ABA Bank

How to buy Bitcoin in Cambodia using ABA Bank

If you are in Cambodia, buying Bitcoin may seem like an impossible task. DAIX - a new Bitcoin startup based in Cambodia - may have the perfect solution for you. Bitcoin is notorious for being highly valuable while being difficult for the average person to purchase, this is mainly due to: Complicated KYC (know your customer), insecure payment methods like Credit Card and PayPal. For this reason we at DAIX have specialized on locally known and accepted payment methods like: ABA, Wing, TrueMoney and USD Cash.

If you have an ABA account, Ecash is a fast and secure way for you to send cash to an ATM which someone else can then pickup with a secret code that you provide them with. We support Ecash as we see it adds to our philosophy of privacy.

You can buy Bitcoin through ABA by following these steps:

  1. Go to daix.co and click buy Bitcoin.
  2. Select Ecash as your choice of payment.
  3. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address. Note: We do not provide you with a wallet, if you need help getting a wallet please refer to our help center.
  4. Open your ABA app and select Ecash, enter the amount and verify with your password, before you are given a code. Now enter the Ecash code on DAIX and click confirm payment.
  5. Your order will now be processed by DAIX. This can take up to 45 minutes.

Purchasing Bitcoin in Cambodia does not have to be such a hassle anymore. All purchases can be made swiftly and securely from your local Bitcoin exchange DAIX.

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