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Market cap
$ 221.37B

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Bitcoin in Cambodia - Daix

Exchange Hours: 8AM - 8PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

About DAIX


Q: What is DAIX?

A: DAIX is a platform functioning with the goal of making it simple to buy and sell bitcoin in Cambodia.

Q: How do I buy and sell bitcoin using DAIX?

A: DAIX supports all major payment methods in Cambodia. Users can do both, buy & sell instantly and anonymously. You can refer to our guide for a more detailed walk through the process.

Q: Why should I trust you?

A: We at DAIX have been trading bitcoin and building a reputation in Cambodia for quite some time now. You can also find us on, where we have collected countless feedback.

Q: Can the rates change during the transaction?

A: Unlike ordinary money, most bitcoin prices are highly volatile, so the rate may fluctuate. It may happen that the exchange rate which you see before the transaction is different (high or low) after the transaction gets completed. In that case, the exchanged digital currency quantity which you receive may differ from what you see during the comparison.

Q: What is our transaction fees?

A: DAIX charges a fee of 3% to 10% depending on the current demand and supply in our system. The conversion rate you see is inclusive of our fees, the current network fee will be separately displayed.


About Wallets


Q: What's the bitcoin wallet address?

A: A bitcoin wallet is a digital place for your coins to be stored. Each coin has a certain wallet provider. That could be apps, web wallets and other applications. The wallet address represents a randomly generated combination of digits and letters. DAIX doesn’t provide wallet addresses and never stores user deposits. To exchange bitcoin, you need a bitcoin wallet address.

Q: How do I get a bitcoin wallet address?

A: First figure out what coin you want to buy and then seek a stable wallet version. As a rule, each coin has its official wallet client. Note that each wallet has its unique address or a tag with a private key that is required to restore your wallet if lost. DAIX never asks your private keys. Store them in a safe place and never show them to anyone. If private keys are stolen by someone, your bitcoin wallet will no longer be safe.

Q: What's the recipient's address?

A: In each transaction there is always a sender and a recipient. The recipient’s address is the bitcoin wallet address to receive the digital assets you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin (BTC), in the field, you should specify your BTC wallet address. In general, the recipient’s wallet address is the address where we send the coins you bought once a transaction is finished.

Q: What is a hash?

A: A bitcoin hash (or the tx/transaction ID) is a unique address of your transaction in a blockchain. Mostly, the hash is a combination of digits and lower case letters that represents a proof that money is sent. Whenever you make a payment, you receive a hash displayed in your wallet. Hash should be located in a blockchain. Our support team may ask you to provide a hash. Sometimes this is required to find your payment and resolve issues if any.

Q: Why is my bitcoin wallet address recognized as invalid?

A: DAIX supports most of the wallets. If your wallet address is recognized as invalid, there is always a reason: You confused Ethereum (ETH) with Bitcoin (BTC). These are two different coins with two different amounts. Typo or character missing. Make sure that the address you specify matches the actual address of your wallet. Note: Never hand type an address, always copy paste it.


About buying and selling bitcoin, Digital Currency, Coins and Altcoins


Q. What is the minimum/maximum amount?

A: Currently the minimum amount is 50 USD and the maximum amount is 1,000 USD.

Q: What are the network fees?

A: Every bitcoin is based on a blockchain. The process requires a network fee. This is a fee the blockchain takes from the amount you and we send, you can check bitcoin charts to see the network congestion. This is why it is so important to include network fees in the amount you send and going to get. If the amount is too low to cover the fees, a transaction will fail.

Q: When should I receive my money?

A: DAIX transactions take 15-30 minutes to be processed. You can check on the blockchain explorer if the transaction is currently being processed.


About Transactions


Q: How do I cancel my transaction?

A: Blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once the money is sent, it cannot be rolled back. So if you are going to exchange bitcoin, think twice and check attentively all the payment details prior to sending money.

Q: Why does my transaction take so long?

A: As a rule, our transaction takes 15-30 minutes to be processed. If your transaction takes longer, this might be due to a wide range of factors.

  1. Blockchain overloaded. There are many transactions pending including yours. These issues take place on blockchains. All you have to do is wait. DAIX doesn't control blockchain delays.

  2. DDoS attacks. Any platform may experience such issues. In this case, all you have to do is wait.

Q: Why isn't my Bitcoin showing in my wallet?

A: The time it will take for the Bitcoin to show up depends on which wallet or exchange you are using to receive the Bitcoin. This is usually because they require more network confirmation for the Bitcoin to become visible in your account.

Q: What will happen if I close the browser tab?

A: If you have transferred the amount, then you can surely close the browser tab. Our system will automatically complete the transaction and the amount will be deposited into your recipient wallet address. Just keep the order-id with you for any follow ups.

Q: Sent funds to the wrong address. Can I recover my funds?

A: Unfortunately no. Once funds are sent to a wrong address, there is nothing we can do to recover them. This is why it is extremely important to double check the address you enter while ordering.


Your issue not listed here?

  If you have a problem or a question about our service, you can chat with us through our live chat, located in the bottom right of your browser. You can also call us +855 (0)67 796 481 or email us